Young Lady Narates Her First Experience At A Beach

Young Lady Narates Her First Experience At A Beach.

Young Lady Narates Her First Experience At A Beach

A pretty young lady who is on Facebook with the Name Ezinne Obianuju Nwa Jane, has taken to her profile to pen down the experience she had on her first time at a Beach.

She wrote..

My first experience at the beach 😒

I said i would write this someday

As of last month I experienced Beach cruise for the first time in my life, I know you will laugh at me it’s okay you can laugh I be village girl so I hardly go out.

So, from childhood I have always been scared of stream, river and pool
Because I can’t swim 😅

I got to the beach I didn’t want to enter the water because I know I will bring out the village girl in me. But I was pushed by my colleagues that went with me.

Some boys there was so much interested in teaching me how to swim, to me I was like was so special about me that they’re so interested in, fine fine gals full everywhere who are outside the water sef, I asked my colleagues why are they dragging me like this?

Not until I sighted one guy teaching a Yoruba lady how to swim I was just busy looking at both of them

The guy was using his preeq to rub the girl back while using style to touch her bwess 🥹
In the name of teaching

I called my colleagues I showed her what the lady and the guy was doing inside the beach she said she knows. That’s how they do

To me I was like so this is why dey were so much interested in teaching me how to swim 😩

By the time you allow them to teach you how to swim their preeq will just stand
So annoying and irritating 🤮

If you are in my friends list and you do these you better stop it before amadioha egbu gi🥹

We all can recall that this Young Lady was trending on Social medias and Top Blogs, after she wrote about what she has been going through as a Virgin at “21”.

She wrote..

Being a virgin at 21yrs it hasn’t been easy
Alot of temptations

And losing relationships

Sometimes I just want to open my legs but am strong in the lord, he said thy shall not commit fórnicate.

Being Virgin At 21yrs Is Not Easy

Kindly drop your thoughts on this.

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