Will Smith’s action was uncalled for and completely beneath him

Linda Ikeji has given her two cents on the altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars award.
Naijatopgbedu reported that Will Smith gave the world something controversial to talk about when he attacked comedian, Chris Rock on stage for joking about his wife’s health condition.
Jada who suffers from alopecia had to cut off her hairs and Chris Rock decided to make fun of it.
To protect and defend his wife, Will Smith slapped the comedian on stage and this has elicited mixed reactions from many.
Weighing in, Linda Ikeji agreed with many, that the actors action was uncalled for and beneath him.
She noted how the actor was always carrying himself with grace and at such, his unthoughtful action had tainted his image.
What was supposed to be the best night of his career became a disaster with his action.
“I personally think Will Smith should not have slapped Chris Rock. Will carries himself with grace so this was beneath him. It also wasn’t the time or place. After nearly four decades in entertainment, this was his big night, now completely overshadowed by his behavior….which should never be tolerated (I hope the Oscars do something about it).
Now imagine if Chris Rock decides to file charges Will Smith will be arrested possibly handcuffed, TMZ will be there to capture the images and videos. There will be a mugshot, going to trial for months and maybe do community service if not jail time.
All of this will impact on all his achievements and accomplishments. This is what people will remember more than anything else. I love Will but this behavior isn’t okay. And like he rightfully said, it’s at your highest points that the devil will try it. Don’t let the devil win. I hope God heals everyone involved”.
Naijatopgbedu recalls,  Linda Ikeji recently got many talking on social media by sharing a photo of one of her priceless moments with her father.
Linda Ikeji, who is known for flaunting her wealth, took to Instagram to share a beautiful photo with her father while on vacation in London.
Sharing the picture, Linda Ikeji wrote: London living with my papa! daddysgirl.
March 29, 2022 at 12:34 pm
IMy estimation of Will has escalated into the stratosphere.
Give me a man who stands up for his woman. A man who respects her and treats her like his queen and will not tolerate disrespect towards her and his family from anyone.
Just like my husband.
Go Wll:)
March 30, 2022 at 6:05 am
Aunty if you were Smith wife that would have been the worst day of your life and even file for divorce. I think that’s the best thing a man can do for a family. Although it’s only possible in a country not here in Nigeria.
March 30, 2022 at 4:06 pm
I broke up with a guy for being too friendly with my haters.To the extent that he even started flirting with them in front of me. And I didn’t tell the idiot why I broke up with him. Will is a sane man!

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