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Actually people have been asking questions, on how to get Google Adsense approval and affiliate marketing tips. But unfortunately, if it’s beyond your power, and you don’t know what else to answer again. Then they’ll start saying you’re snubbing.
I just want to reveal a simple formation to some bloggers who GETS TRAFFIC THROUGH A HUGE SOCIAL MEDIA FAN-BASE but still yet to get approval from Google Adsense.
1. Create a simple Application for your blog, make sure there’s atleast a chat session on the app.
2. Apply for Google Admob and you’ll be approved the next day.
3. Place your ads unit on the app.
4. Go to your social media pages/groups, and do a Giveaway. Tell them it will take place on the app. Majority of them will download the App and wait for the giveaway. Try to be engaging them on the application.
5. After you must have gotten a little downloads on the application and few users, run an advert for the App on Google. Even if its 1day.
Your App will be crawled and it’ll start showing up in Search Engines.
When you do this, Google Admob will make you earn what in in Adsense don’t earn.

(Massive earnings if your fan fage ain’t Nigerians).

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