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Bro and I sorted out the details of that incident. He said he didn’t hit me for crushing on a girl, even said it was a normal thing.
He hit me because I lied to him when he asked the first time. Well we buried the hatchet and moved on with our lives.
Things were moving fine till another layer of cage was sprung. I called for it, but I didn’t see it coming.
It happened that some negative reports had gotten to my bro about me. I won’t go into details; I don’t want you thinking I’m the bad guy here. I’m not, you just have to trust me.
What I did doesn’t matter now to me, all that matters was what he did to me that night.
He had me in an open space. The questioning started as always whenever I did something wrong. And my answers weren’t satisfactory enough to let me off the hook. At a point, he grabbed my collar and pulled me close. His breath came in hot puffs on my face as he said: “Oscar, I really need to know what is working you”.

What the hell was this guy talking about?

“Nothing is working me sir”.
I could feel my heart beating sounds louder than those out of a konga drum. And while I expected the slap, I didn’t see it.
Twack! It hit like a volcano and an involuntary “Jesus” was forced out of my mouth.
This would be the second time he’s laying hands on me. I had thought the first slap was a stunner. But no. This second packed some pounds of weight.
Still I didn’t cry. I was that tough. I’d had worse pain than that, and I knew it would be the end of the confrontation.
But no, Commander Sir was all out to finish my parade.

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