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I breezed in before he could shut the door, expecting him to lash out at me again. But no. He was against the wall, barely able to stand and gasping for breath.
‘No!’ I yelled, while reaching for him. But before my outstretched hand could reach him, he fell flat on the German floor.
I was relieved to see that he was conscious, but devastated to see him clutching his chest in pain. I tried to hold him but he wouldn’t let me. I just knelt down beside him. All the reserve of tears in my waterworks had their barriers broken down. I wept like a she-wolf with her feet in a claptrap.
‘ Sir I’m sorry. Please sir. Forgive me. I’m sorry, I swear. Forgive me sir, please. I won’t do it again. Sir please…’
My voice lost voice when I saw his eyes close and the hand clutching his chest drop limply to his side. I listened for his heartbeat, but devilishly, it was eerily silent.

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