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When the slap came, it was a surprise. My heart did a double leap and my brain went into manual override. My eyes saw the presentation slides of creation. Only the feeling of my cold hand on my cheek made me existent.
‘Are you ready to start talking, or should I hit you again?’ His voice was quiet, way too quiet for my liking.
I nodded, with tears cascading down my face. I wasn’t crying because of the pain, nay, I was stronger than that. I felt hurt that my brother could actually slap me.
I vehemently told him I was attracted to the girl. He kept questioning me angrily, and I replied, trying to keep my anger out of my voice, why, my heart was a boiling barrel of molten lead.
‘How could you, Oscar?’, he asked in a pained voice. ‘How could you?’
I thought I saw tears in his eyes, but before I could take a second look, he swung round on his heels and ran up the flight of stairs to his study.
I should have walked away, but I was trapped, stuck between my anger at being hit and my concern for my brother. So I ran after him.

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