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Shortly before I turned twelve, I developed an attraction for a girl. And an unknown girl was crushing on me, sending me anonymous notes. But I didn’t have time for shadows. I was more interested in the girl I felt my heart skip a beat each time I saw her.
At a point, I gave this girl a gift. And surprisingly, she accepted. Things were going well, so I summoned up courage and wrote her a note. As with the case in situations like this, my brother found it within the pages of one of my books, before I had the chance to send it.
He called me and questioned me on what I had to do with the girl. Trust yours truly badass, I denied having anything to do with her.
‘Oscar, I will not ask again. What are you up to with this girl?’
‘Sir, I told you already. I’m up to nothing with her. Did someone tell you something? What could I possibly be up to with her?’
Before I could finish, he slipped two fingers into his breast pocket and extracted a folded piece of paper. He extended the paper to me, his eyes twin explosions of disappointment and rage. I ignored his gaze and opened the paper.

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