Jude had a sweet cousin that always comes around,due to how close they were,dad did sew some clothes for them as uniform. Jude grew to lov his cousin so much like he loved Dera from childhood.
He bought three neck beads, wore one,gave one to Dera and gave his cousin one. His cousin from childhood wore the bead, Jude still has his, while Dera misplaced hers..
On getting to the station to bail Mr David, Mr Isaac was already yelling the second time and embarrassing sir Dave, of how he has held his motor not working all cos of 60k.
Excuse me sir! Said Jude,
Are you Mr Isaac? He replied yes.
Jude acted like a son to sir Dave and asked to settle everything and have his father bailed out of that place.
The policemen made set all necessary requirements, they bailed sir David and Jude asked kindly to still drive all of them home.
Despite the height of insult Isaac came with,they carried him with his 60k.
Chioma was at home already.
Jude,sir Dave,Isaac and lawyer are on their way to sir Isaac’s house where Chioma is and Dera with Chris are heading to after fixing their motor already.
Jude dropped sir Dave at home cos he has been stressed out for months,so he could have himself a little rest. On the way is now,Isaac,Jude and lawyer George.
Supposedly,this sounds like celebration of a new born baby! It was the voice of Chris’ mom who was rejoicing seeing a bike man bring in his son’s box but hasn’t seen the son already. Maybe faith says they are almost there.
Chioma was in the kitchen.
Welcome my husband, says Isaac’s wife,she told her Chris was on the way, the big gate sings, it’s Chris and dera!
Jude was given a seat in the parlour while Mom rushed to welcome Chris and Dera, Chioma was preparing a meal in the kitchen.
Chris and Dera stepped in while Chioma was almost done dishing the food for mom and dad not knowing Chris is back but heard and wanted to rush out.
Jude was on his phone,sitting with lawyer George.
Here is Dera and Chris, just to come in and greet the men sitting in the house, Chioma’s son rushed out to greet his dad who was off their sight for 3years already.
Children know nothing, the child hugged Dera first, while speaking with the little boy,Chioma came out and saw Chris shaking hands with a handsome already.
She cannot see the face clearly,
Dera came same place greeting, just to look up, She saw Jude’s face scar.
Jude looked up to see who brought food,he saw a bead on Chioma’s neck. What!!!

To Be continued

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