White and red were supposed to signify diabolic entanglement,but this time it showed purity and life on the neck of Dera, this came with a forehead kiss by Jude years ago as kids not knowing what it was.
Dera had dated nobody until Chris came.
Jude was all that was left in her senses,but you know you are growing up,this was a childish thingy (Dera’s mind)
Chris told Dera this bead was too local to be worn over there, dera refused having known the bond it’s keeping,but once she moved on,she removed it,but guess what? She hid it in her box Chris didn’t know.
Jude’s accident was so fatal,and he had his skull cracked a bit,2weeks already in the hospital and Mr David is almost helpless there. Dera’s mom now cries like she’s breathing, when she can’t give David food,she comes with garri and water, for 2months and a week.
Love is over there holding Dera back, there’s no way she could contact dad but she still believed it’s well.
Lawyer George visited Jude,and Jude pleaded that he helps him bail out one Mr David like dat, this was a good day for David, Jude had almost healed completely.
Lawyer George insisted they go together since He is fit a bit.
Bailing david entails paying the 60k to sir Isaac. Coincidentally Dera wanted to surprise mom and dad they were on the way already cos they had started out 3days ago to Nigeria with Chris.
Chioma was Chris’ girlfriend,but you know in a way relocation and encounter with others affects us. Chioma is as beautiful as who I can’t mention,with hips,good curves,butts and even up, they settled the pregnancy issues before Chris left for studies overseas.

Today chioma visited with the son she bore for Chris. Jude is preparing to go in the evening and bail Mr David with lawyer George. Chris and dera are on the way.
While Dera packed her bags before coming back,the bead fell off the clothe it hung on, it’s now in her shoe bag while she thought it’s safe in her textile box.
Welcome to Nigeria and the community before their village. The route to her own village has issues, their car broke down due to much potholes, this wasn’t supposed to happen to people from outside. This is 2.30pm and over there Jude has planned going to bail David around 4pm.
Chioma just visited Mr Isaac with their child.
Chioma will meet Chris.
Dera will meet Jude.
Dera will meet dad.
And Chris’ dad is the one molesting Dera’s dad. First introduction for Dera was the next day. COINCIDENCE πŸ™„
To Be Continued..

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