[STORY] DERA & CHRIS EP2 – Sammy Yhu-dee

πŸ’ž DERA & CHRIS 2.

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Inside the prison,” hey son,what brought you here?” Mr David asked Jude, Dera’s childhood friend who lost his parents in a plane crash,life fell on almost nothing for him, he was locked up in prison by their landlord who he owes 9months rent, but this same Jude has undiscovered assets and before the plane crash his dad did will all to him, but he lost contact with lawyer George who had the documents.
He’s now a broke boy,but sometime Dera’s lover, Dera over time had also prayed to see Jude again in life. Here’s Jude and Mr David. Mr david told him how life brought him to the prison and how helpless he lies already,told him about DERA and told him they decided not to tell Dera that dad is in prison cos she’s too emotional,she maynt control it over there.

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Dera is now deep into Chris.
On a second date,a warm hug and a nose knock but no kisses. How would we leave here and go back? Chris asked.what Dera said she feels something’s wrong with her family but she cannot pick up what’s up.
Chris told Dera how his dad Isaac encountered a man he locked up, and Chris in a way is also hardened,and said dad should hold the man until he pays. He added, some men act poor to get away from problems. Life being amazing, it’s Dera’s dad they talked about here.
Dera told Chris she’d say nothing about it already.
Jude and Mr David stayed in prison together for a month and Dera wasn’t coming home already.
There’s been a news on press, a lawyer looking for a boy called Jude, could it be this Jude? Yes. Lawyer judge was the lawyer called by Jude’s landlorr over the matter, coincidentally, this same Jude is lawyer’s missing boy.

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On a close interrogation, Jude was called out, boom! In the station already, lawyer George shouted, jude! Jude doesn’t know him,he wasn’t so mature to know dad’s lawyer when dad was alive.
George explained, policemen and landlord were confused. The lawyer asked to withdraw the case,Jude is still confused.
After all movie, Jude got a stand,but before leaving, promised Mr David he’ll come get him out soon.
A week already, he wasn’t there.
Unfortunately the day Jude was supposed to come and bail him paying Mr Isaac his 60k, he had an accident and was rushed to the hospital imediately.
Dera’s dad has spent 1month and 3weeks.
Dera and Chris are towards marriage planning. But Chioma had a son for Chris before Chris left and she was promised marriage by Chris.
Jude promised Dera when they were kids with a neck bid!
To be continued…
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