2years ago, Chris got a scholarship after writing an exam for it and coming first position from his zone. Dera also made good grades and also was awarded.
Two of them were to study in Canada, political science coincidentally was a course they both offered
Sir Isaac is Chris’ dad, he was doing so well financially but presently, he ain’t got sauce that much again tho they are surviving, Mrs Helen is a primary school teacher and a mother to Chris.
In the next community resides Mr David, Dera’s dad. Their standard of living is not that ok, God knows how Dera manages life over there. Tho God’s good.
Things began to get worse for Mr David, and Dera was accelerating academically,Chris was also doing good but Dera was better. They met actually on the day of their debate, their prowess is wonderful and they became friends.
In government studies, Dera always put Chris thru and helps him present and put down better articles for their debate,their combo was bomb like bomb! They were beautiful together maybe not to an affair already cos it was STUDY first. But these two guys are doin well. In Western conception,they were supposed to have a good union already,but were just normal friends.


Mr David had an encounter with Mr Isaac. It wasn’t as neat as peace.
The Car sir Isaac managed for work, Mr David threw on a goat eating up their cassava a stone. They were small basin garri producers,they tried managing it so as to aid Dera’s survival over there.
This day Sir Isaac’s car was there, nature is weird,the stone landed on the car sight screen, it wasn’t supposed to go pieces,but it went almost grinded. Uncle Isaac was just checking up a man that was supposed to run something for him, the sound of glass! What the frick!! He turned,Mr David had rushed already,kneeling to beg Chris dad.
Anyways it wasn’t as successful as good,he gave him 2weeks to pay for the broken screen. 60k? Where will he get it from? Dera’s convocation is next week and they’ll return 2days afta, a mess!
He couldn’t afford it,1week and 4days already.

Dera’s mom is now skilled in shedding tears all for 60k.
Chris’ success is because of Dera,they went on their first date after convocation,you know right? No stories,it’s a match already, they’re in a relationship now! And were supposed to have returned,but a handsome appreciation was made to Chris for being good in government studies cash-wise ;he has some money now, “spiced by Dera”.
Mr David is in prison already,
To be continued

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