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When Ejimole’s mother concluded her tale, her daughter couldn’t help but laugh.
“Mother, you mean to tell me that I am being punished for a crime committed by your great grandfather. How absurd!”
“It might be absurd, but it is your lot. For the fact that you were born into this family, you are rejected. You are an outcast, an OSU.
“It could have ended with me for I had taken an oath to be celibate. But your father, he swept me off my feet in love.”
“He knew you were an outcast, didn’t he?”
“He didn’t. But by then, I was already pregnant and he was stoned nonetheless by the villagers.
“Ejimole, your only chances of getting married lies in finding an OSU husband. Sadly, you and I are the last of the OSU caste.
“You will live and die single, and this land will be free from this anomaly.”
“No, mother. Your ancestral curse has no place with me. I refuse to be called an OSU.
“I am a woman, the woman who will rewrite history in Ndemokoro land. I refuse to be the anomaly.
“I am the nemesis not yet seen.”
PAUSE: Now that I’ve learnt the truth, I pull myself out
Out of a big blue bath
I throw myself bare and can see that I’m a woman
So if you see the tears running down my cheeks,
Don’t you think I’m crying, no
I’m laughing on the wrong side of my face.

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