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Has your link/url been blocked by Facebook, and you don’t know what to do about it?

Those of you that are pushing traffic from Facebook groups like your life depended on it, I will advise you to please calm down.

Don’t make those same mistakes that I made during my start., i have three things to inform you about;

1. Algorithms will never punish you if you don’t break their rules, no matter how smart there are, they can’t detect what is not coded.
Let me be practical, algorithms are just a set of instructions given to a computer program, they live by the rules that are assigned and can’t create rules themselves.
An example of an algorithm: If a post has 3 likes and it appear only 3 times, let the impression of this post increase to 20, else stop the impressions.
I’m not a Facebook employee, I’m just giving a random example of how algorithms are programmed.
So, when your URL is banned it means you have breaked the rules multiple times.
2. The primary reason why Facebook ban URL is not reporting, infact reporting is one of the last things Facebook consider before they ban your URL, If you start reporting goal dot com from today till next year, I will only say good luck with your time wasting, they can’t block them, Facebook block URL for:
πŸ”Ή Aggressively sharing links from that particular sites to many groups by a single person.
πŸ”Ή Using link redirection techniques to push traffic from Facebook to a site.
πŸ”Ή Going against Community guidelines, like sharing contents that contains explicit content, hate speech, body shaming, racism etc…
πŸ”Ή Neglecting their warnings on your links for a couple of times.
This is a knowledge I’ve gained over time about Facebook, and some of the information might be out of date or change by now, but remember they won’t change it to your advantage, so try not to break any of that.
3. Facebook is a very good referral source, infact a decent chunk of your domain rating depends on the number of no-follow backlinks you’ve gained from Facebook.
So, don’t give them a reason to hate you, apart from that we all know how valuable Facebook pages, groups and profiles are to our websites, Facebook is a great way for your content to go viral, but if your readers can’t share to Facebook that will never happen.
Slow down the way you’re sharing your links on Facebook, if you need advice from me I will say don’t share a single link to more than 5 groups.
Here is a trick, if you want to share to more than 5 groups, then don’t use Facebook share button, write different captions and go to those groups individually and post your links as a post not a share.
Still don’t over do it.
And remember this niggas depends on those ads to pay more than a million employees πŸ˜… so if you want a friendship with them, create a Facebook ad Account and let them know that you’re the owner of your website by creating a small ad campaign, if you don’t know how to create an ad Account let me know in the comment.
Sharing is caring, become a better Blogger ✌️

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