How Esther Ijeoma Was Murdered

On Sunday the 8th of may 2022 , Esther Ijeoma obasi who lived on ibekele street, badagry Lagos state , aged 35 years old ,was said to be preparing lunch in her apartment when she ran out of gas.

How Esther Ijeoma Was Murdered

She went to her neighbor’s apartment to seek permission to use her gas cooker to finish her cooking, to which her neighbor agreed. When she was done cooking she thanked her neighbor and left her apartment, but also dished part of the food and gave it to Chinonso Ejike, a 16 years old boy who lives with his mother and sisters.

Later that night at 9pm, the neighbor who allowed Esther cook on her gas said she heard screams from outside her apartment but couldn’t discern what it really was since people had their generators on.
Other neighbors confirmed this! When the noise intensified, people came out and saw Chinonso Ejike covered in blood and shouting “I don kill am! I don finally kill!!’ He was said to have ran out of the compound shouting these words.

When the confused neighbors followed the trail of blood to the back of the compound, which happens to be a bushy and swampy area, they found someone covered in blood and submerged into the swamp. On a closer look, they found out that the person happened to be Esther Ijeoma struggling to survive.

They raised alarm and more people gathered and Esther Ijeoma was then rushed to hospital, but she was declared dead upon arrival, due to loss of blood. The whole street was alarmed and the hunt for Chinonso began. He did not return home that night but was found on the early hour of the next day in an uncompleted building, around the same area. At that time, police had been contacted and they found two knives at the crime scene and the deceased stabbed eight times, including her face. He was therefore taken to the police station.

At the station, he confessed that when he went to return the plate that was used to dish the food to him, he saw Esther newly acquired iPhone and when he told her to give it to him, she playfully brushed it off, so when she was done answering a call on her phone , he attacked her with a kitchen knife and dragged her body to the swampy area at the back of the building… Chinonso is said to have come out of prison not too long ago due to phone theft and since he was found with her phone in the uncompleted building, perhaps it could have been true but then killing a person over such reason then wasnt worth it.
Chinonso was transferred to panti police station and after being tortured he confessed again that few weeks earlier, he was caught by Esther when he was peeping at her and she scolded him and reported him to his mother who punished him and when he reported the matter to his friends who happen to be cultists, a group he also belonged to he was told to kill her and since then he had been planning to.

On the day he carried out the wicked act, he said after eating the food Esther gave him, he waited till it was dark, went to knock on Esther’s door and told her to come out that he wanted to show her something. She came out of her apartment, using her phone as a torch to go see what he wanted to show her. When she followed him to the dark area of the compound he attacked her with the knife he was holding and she was struggling with him but soon collapsed due to loss of blood and he dragged her to the swampy part behind the property and before he knew it, neighbors were already outside because of the screams of Esther and that was when he ran off.

Though they have been speculations about the killing, like why was there two knives at the crime scene? Could it be that he had help while killing the woman? Is he trying to protect someone? Or could it be that he killed her to upgrade his rank In the cult group?? Investigations are still ongoing concerning the case, hopefully the truth and whole of it will be out and justice will be served accordingly.


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